Food is what brings us to the table everyday and it is the primary focus of the Market. 99% of our foods are raised, grown or produced within 100 miles of the building. We make few exceptions because it is important to us to highlight all the amazing products that are created right here in South Central Pennsylvania. Our breads are baked daily and we offer homemade soups & pastries throughout the week made in the kitchen of the Sheppard Mansion. On Saturdays, we have delicious Stickies, Morning buns, Pretzel Croissants, and Homemade Tarts to sweeten your weekend!

Know Farms, Know Foods

We offer all-natural products & foods of the highest quality. We personally taste-test, visit farms, and talk with the growers of each and every product that enters our store. When you get to know the producer, you learn their process and methodology. When you take the time to know your Farmer, a great thing happens—you know exactly what you are offering to your family!  Something does not have to be Certified Organic to be the best for you—especially at the cost of Organic Certification! The farms we represent are small producers who pride themselves in growing and raising a superior product in the most natural way possible. You are always welcome to contact them so that you too can know your Farmer!

Eat Like You Live Here

Local food production is vital to any community. By supporting local farmers & producers you help maintain your view—that is to say your local landscape. Farming & growing is a difficult job for small operations. Your support through the simple act of purchase helps farmers maintain their homes, livelihood, and land. The secondary action of your purchase is that you support your local economy and community. Both actions are essential to keeping South Central Pennsylvania bountiful and prosperous.

Kitchen of the Sheppard Mansion

We are so fortunate to offer homemade products made in the Kitchen of the Sheppard Mansion. Award-winning Chef Andrew Little creates unique, seasonal, & delicious soups, stews, and other take away items that are offered in the Carriage House. Our breads and pastries are made fresh daily in house as well. Click on the link above to learn more about the KITCHEN!


Below is a list of our vendors who have websites & we are happy to provide contact information to those who do not!

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